Monday, December 21, 2020

SHOPPING - Buying Used Legos

Buying Lego's used is a great way to get loose Lego's for a lot less money. Sometimes even great complete or almost complete sets can also be found! My general rule of thumb is to try not to pay more then $5.00 per pound. Many times you will find Lego's for sell and they are way overpriced. Unless you know there is a complete set in the mix or a complete discontinued set in the mix, I would not offer more then that. 

Here is a great buy I got for $50 and it was over 10 pounds! Right in my price range. They wanted more but I got them down to $50.00. A complete City Police Station was included with this buy. All the bags were still sealed except bag number 1, which was the police car and also in the bin. I found these Lego's on Facebook Marketplace. 

No instructions? No problem, you can get the instructions to most Lego sets right online for free. 

Where to find used Lego's? Facebook Marketplace has been a great place for me to find used Lego's for sale. Garage sales are usually a great place to buy used Lego's pretty cheap. Most people just want them gone at garage sales so they don't have to drag them back in the house! 

Thrift stores are another great option! I have purchased some great deals at my local thrift store. Usually they are priced for $5.00 or less a pound. But some thrift stores will mark them up higher and sometimes more then I will pay. But that is the less likely scenario. 

Here is a buy from my local thrift store. I was in my local thrift shop looking for a shower chair for one of my guests at my motel and decided to look in toys while there and found this bag of Lego's for $8!! It had 56 complete minifigures in the bag! My son loved the dragons included in this buy! Minfigures can be more expensive to get a hold of, so this was a good buy! I don't remember the weight, but I do know it was more then 2 pounds. So right in my price range.

So, if you love Lego's and want to save a few bucks try buying used. Especially if you make MOC's (Your own creations) This will give you plenty of variety to choose from in loose Lego's while saving money to boot! 

Purchases made August 2019

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