Monday, December 21, 2020

ORGANIZATION - How To Travel With Your Lego's

As I have talked about before, I like to take my Lego's with me and build them on vacation, on our boat, on the beach, camping, at home in my recliner and just about anywhere else! The possibilities are endless! Since most sets I work with are 1500 pieces or larger it was challenging coming up with an easy way to bring my builds with me.

This is the system I have come up with. I use the Lego bag pictured below. The 3 smaller bags that come with it hold my numbered set bags. Then off to the side I have 3 plastic bins for 3 different size Lego's nested in each other. My instructions go on top of the bins. I use a TV tray to build the set on. Any portion of the set that is complete stays on the tray. In the end, all I need to carry is my bag and my tray!

Here is a link to this bag at I don't currently see it on but they've been out of a lot of items lately!

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