Thursday, February 23, 2023

Legoland New York Trip: Part 1: The Legoland Park Resort Hotel Pirate Room

You could not imagine my excitement when I found out a Legoland was opening up just 4 hours from my home! The opening of the new Legoland Park in Goshen, New York was delayed due to Covid but did finally open in 2021! We planned a trip this past fall as I didn't really want to visit the first year when the park first opened figuring there would be some big crowds. 

We chose our first visit to be in the fall so we could avoid the summer crowds. We also chose October because that is my birthday month. What a great birthday present, am I right? The first thing I wanted to share was photos of the Legoland Resort Hotel. We stayed 2 nights there during the week and the other 2 nights at a regular hotel. As you can imagine, the Legoland Hotel was on the pricey side but during the week was doable. We chose the pirate themed room for our first stay. 

Let me tell you, the resort did not disappoint! It was decorated from floor to ceiling. Definately worth what we paid! But the weekend rate in October being over $400 per night was still a little much for our budget. So staying a couple of nights during the week helped cut the cost in half , which made the stay well worth it! The free breakfast buffet that is included with your stay is awesome! Here are some photos of the pirate room. 

 One of the cool things about the rooms is they have a puzzle for the kids. They have to figure out the combination of the safe to get a prize. It was challenging, even for my 12 and 16 year old. But they finally got it!

Next Up - Part 2: The Legoland Resort Hotel Lobby & More

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