Saturday, December 12, 2020

ORGANIZATION - Creating A More Organized Lego Room

 One of the biggest challenges I have found with having Lego's as a hobby is organizing them and keeping them from taking over my house! Here are some before and after photos of how I got my Lego "stuff" under control! 

BEFORE - The below pictures show our "Entrance/Lego Room" area before I got it really organized. I did scrapbooking for many years but have gone to digital scrapbooking, so I cleaned out those cabinets in the bottom 2 pictures and got rid of most of what was in them to make room for Lego's!  

AFTER - Here is the after photos! I love how this came out. The first photo is my new bins for my loose Lego's. I get most of my loose Lego's used. I took the time to sort a bunch by color. That won't be happening a lot because it takes FOREVER! But it's great to have about half these bins sorted by color then the other half just a mix. They are spread out enough that it's not too hard to find what I need. 

This is now a great space for the kids to sit and work on Lego's. It's also our main place we display Lego builds I don't have at my shop. 

Here are those cabinets all cleaned out and are now full of Lego's! :)

This transformation took place September 2019

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