Sunday, January 26, 2020

MINIFIGURES - Me, Myself & My Minifigure

One of the funnest things you can do is make yourself a minifigure. With so many faces, hair styles, torsos, legs and accessories that Lego has to offer, it really isn't that difficult! If you have a lot of minifigures in general, it should be easy enough to create yourself simply by digging around what you have on hand.

But if not, Ebay or Bricklink are both great resource for buying the parts you need! Bricklink is a website that has is similar to Ebay but it's all Lego and their is no auctions. Just items listed with the selling price from different sellers. 

Visit their website at:

I minifiged my whole family! Here are a few pictures. 

Myself, daughter Morgan and son Marcus

A closer look at my minifigure.

My daughter Morgan, My husband Brad, Myself (Before my new hair and face arrived from Ebay) and my son Marcus.

My kids had such a fun time picking out the parts to make themselves. It can definitely be a family fun experience!

Here we are in real life:

Morgan & I

Marcus and Brad

Bottom line is, I would highly recommend Lego fans to give this a try. We hope to bring our minifigures with us on vacation and take selfies with them. Should be fun. So stay tuned! 

Friday, January 24, 2020

REVIEW - Bloc ML (Used Lego Store) Near Quebec City Canada

This shop was very well organized. The store was opened in 2015 by an 11 year old kid! Kudos to him being in business successfully for 4 years! We visited the shop in August of last year while in Quebec City. He had a decent selection and a very clean shop!

I would give this shop 3 out of 5 stars for the following reasons:

1) Good selection
2) Kid was friendly
3) Very clean and well organized.

1) A bit on the small side.
2) Prices were on the high side.
3) Owner was a nice kid but needs more customer service training.
4) Did not speak much English but he was nice enough.

Visit their website:

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

Another set from the winter village collection! This was another I did on vacation!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 10249 Creator Expert Winter Toy Store

The Lego Winter/Holiday sets are among some of my favorites! This Winter Toy Shop was a fun build to take with me on vacation last August.

REVIEW - Briques Toys Jouets (Used Lego Store) Quebec City Quebec Canada

In August of last year we visited Quebec City. We discovered 2 used Lego shops! This shop was our favorite! They had a great selection of minifigures and sets! Some pre-owned but never opened.

We would give this shop 5 out of 5 stars for the following reasons:

1) Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
2) Excellent selection.
3) Reasonable prices.

The staff spoke good English which was appreciated! I've never seen a used Lego store in the US. Although I know we have them, but not many. This place was awesome.  The kids and I found a few treasures.

Our finds:

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 10255 Creator Expert Assembly Square

The Creator Expert sets are amazing builds and the Assembly Square was no exception. As usual, Lego has included many great little details! Some of my favorite elements was the dentist office and photography studio! It's amazing what these designers come up with!

My minifigure family standing out front. 

REVIEW - Lego 4 Piece Organizer Tote & Playmat

Lego 4 Piece Organizer Tote & Playmat ~  FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!

Lego organizing tote opens up into a mat for easy play and comes with 3 separate bags that nest into the tote to store Legos in.

I received this bag as a Christmas gift in 2018 and I absolutely love it! I take my Legos with me everywhere and this bag makes it easy! I build larger sets so I store all the bags of pieces in the smaller bags. If I pull out one small bag my sorting trays can also fit in the bag. Although I don't use the mat I think it is a great addition! My kids are getting these bags for Valentine's Day this year and I know when we go on vacation, this will make clean up easy! You can pretty much take your Legos everywhere with this bag! The smaller bags that fit inside are great because you can use 1, 2 or 3. It's up to you. The smaller bags also have a clear top so you can see what is in it! If you need space for something else you can just take out one of the smaller bags.

The bag is durable, easy to keep clean and makes for easy clean up and travel! I give this bag a five out of five stars!

KIDS CORNER - A Few Creations By My Kids!

Here is a fun build my son Marcus made.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SHOPPING - TeePublic Lego T-Shirts!

I found these awesome Lego T-shirts online on TeePublic! They have many shirts to choose from and you can choose The website is: Check it out!

DISPLAY IDEAS - My New Lego Display At Work

In July of last year I set up a display of my Lego builds in my shop for others to enjoy. I own a large candy store and have lots of visitors including lots of kids. The display has been a hit with my customers. Here is pictures when we first began setting up the display. It's still a work in progress but is moving along as I find time!

Legoland New York Trip: Part 6: Legoland New York In November. BBrrrrr!

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