Thursday, January 13, 2022

MOC BUILD - Elves Village

01/23/21 - Here is the Elves Village MOC that is on display at my shop. I used many Frozen, Friends & Elves sets for this build. I loved making it my own. 

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store

Name: Lego Friends  - 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store

Pieces: 294

Date Built:  January 2021

This was one of the first buildings I built that will go in a new display for my shop. I am calling it Downtown Costume Block Party and this building will be my costume store. I always build my sets just like the instructions, then I alter them as needed for my displays at work. This set should look great in that new display!

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 43186 Bruni The Salamander

 Name: Lego Ninjago  - 43186 Bruni The Salamander

Pieces: 96

Date Built:  January 2021

This was such an adorable set!

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 71716, 71715, 71714, Ninjago Arcade Pods

Name: Lego Ninjago  - 

71716 Lloyd Avatar Arcade Pod

71715 Lao Avatar Arcade Pod

71714 Jay Avatar Arcade Pod

Pieces: 47-49

Date Built:  January 2021

These sets were cool and were strictly bought for fun and to add to my collection!


KIDS CORNER - An Amazing Tree!

 01/12/21 - This was an amazing tree my daughter built! This is one of my favorite builds from her. 

And here is a fun remote island scene she built. 

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 41164 Enchanted Tree House

 Name: Lego Disney Frozen - 41164 Enchanted Tree House

Pieces: 302

Date Built:  December 2020

Here is another fun build I did. Again, I will be using parts of this set in my elf display. There are several Frozen sets that I love the design of. I've already shared a few here on the blog. This was another fun and quick build and well worth the time. 

LEGO SET BUILD - Set 41424 Jungle Rescue Base

 Name: Lego Friends - 41424 Jungle Rescue Base

Pieces: 648

Date Built:  December 2020

I love the designs of the Friends series so I am building a few of those sets to go with my elf village display for my shop! This was definitely a fun build! 

Love the bathroom in the back of the tree!

FUN STUFF - Having Fun With Booster Bricks

 12/2/20 - These are some great photos of Marcus & Morgan doing a blindfold challenge with one of our Booster Brick kits. We did this Christmas month 2020 as a fun holiday activity. So much fun!

Legoland New York Trip: Part 6: Legoland New York In November. BBrrrrr!

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