Monday, December 21, 2020

FUN STUFF - Brick Fair in New Jersey November 2019

 It was my 50th birthday last October 23rd and I decided I wanted to go to my first Lego Convention. So we went to Brick Fair in New Jersey the first weekend in November, 2019. We had an awesome time! Wasn't sure if we would need 2 days to see everything, but it turns out we did! Between the displays, activities and vendors it was definitely a full weekend event! The first time we played bingo for an hour I won 3 times! All in all, between myself and the kids we won 6 times! My poor hubby didn't win at bingo, but he enjoyed himself. The last pics are our prizes we won. Only thing missing is a picture of the cool white BrickFair towel I won!

I would definitely recommend this event. It was not too big nor was it too small. We were able to really take our time and enjoy all the displays and activities and of course hav plenty of time to shop!

Our favorite photos of the builds at the event.

This was my absolute favorite! Being from New England, I love the fall colors and the covered bridge!

Family fun at Brick Fair

My purchases from the event. It was my birthday, so I got lots of good stuff!

Our Lego Bingo Prizes

We ended up getting a new puppy on my birthday. We were planning on waiting until after the show to adopt a dog, but we really fell in love with Luna, so she came with us! We brought her in one day, but the rest of the time she stayed in her kennel while we were at the show. She did very well!

Luna at the hotel and in her carrier the weekend of the show. 

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