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Hi! My name is Blanca and I have really gotten into Lego's over the past several years.I never played with Lego's as a kid. We didn't have much Lego's at our house growing up. My guess is because they can be a pretty pricey toy. And my mom was a single mom of 6 kids.

So how did I get into Lego's you ask? Well we can thank Indiana Jones for that! Yes, I said Indiana Jones! I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones franchise of movies and when the last movie came out I discovered the Indiana Jones Lego sets that came out in 2008! Being such a big fan of the movie, my eyes lit up at this discovery and my mom decided to surprise me with some for Christmas that year! Of course my mom thought the Sponge Bob Sets would be fun and gave me a couple of those, too. LOL!

Of course when my mom decided to purchase these sets for me, my daughter was only 2 years old and just 2 years later my son was born. So life was a bit crazy. So I really didn't have time to build much Lego's. But for the last 5 years my passion for Lego's has grown by leaps and bounds as my children have grown.

I find Lego's to be extremely relaxing and therapeutic! I am a small business owner and it's nice to come home and work on a set after a long busy day. I love the sets because I just follow the directions and I don't have to think or make decisions. At the end I have this amazing thing I just built. I am getting into making my own creations. I like how creative I can be, so I hope to build more and more of my own stuff over time. Lego's have become a family affair here at our house and it's nice that Lego's are something I can enjoy with my kids.

 I am married, have a son named Marcus age 9 and a daughter named Morgan age 13. I also am a mom to 4 parrots. An african grey named Quincy, a greenwing macaw named Savannah, a blue and gold macaw named Coqui and a blue crown conure named Sidney. We also have 2 dogs. Bella and Luna. My other hobbies include scrapbooking and TKD. I earned my black belt in TKD (Tae Kwon Do) in June of 2019 and my kids earned theirs in December 2019.

I am an information junky! When I get into something I get a bit obsessed with it and am all in! I want to know everything there is to know about it. I love to write and share so I figured why not start a blog about one of my favorite things! I am hoping this will be a place that can be a great resource for others and I hope people just enjoy what I share.

So thanks for taking the time to stop and visit my blog! I hope you find it informative, fun to read, and a place you want to revisit.

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