Wednesday, January 11, 2023

ORGANIZATION - Post 2: New Lego Room 2022!

6/8/22 - It was a slow process as we had multiple rooms in our house remodeled, but we finally got there! My new Lego room came out great. 

First, here are some pictures of my old Lego room, now our bird room! All the birds seem to really like this new space!

Now for the best part, here is my new Lego room complete with new paint and a new floor! I couldn't wait to fill this space!! 

ORGANIZATION - Post 1: New Lego Room 2022!

 4/15/22 - I shared my small Lego room that we set up in 2021. But I quickly realized that it was way to small for my needs. I own parrots and have a room designated for them that is way too large for what they need. So we decided we would move them into my current Lego room and we would convert their old room into my Lego Room. I was so excited to get this project started!. Here we show the bird room emptied out so renovations could begin on my new Lego Room! Woohoo!

Home of my new Lego room:

LEGO BUILD - 21324 Sesame Street

 LEGO BUILD - 21324 Sesame Street

Pieces: 1367

Date Built: 1/29/22

I was very excited when this set was announced to be coming out! I loved Sesame Street when I was a kid and absolutely love Jim Henson's creations! So this was an extra special build for me. Loved everything about it!

My only complaint, I wished they made Oscar a complete character so you can take him out of his trash can. But he's still pretty cute though!

LEGO BUILD - 40354 Dragon Dance Guy

 LEGO BUILD - 40354 Dragon Dance Guy

Pieces: 170

Date Built: January 17, 2022

This guys is super adorable and one of my favorite Brickheadz. 

LEGO BUILD - 41701 Street Food Market

 LEGO BUILD - 41701 Street Food Market

Pieces 592

Date Built: January 17, 2022

Love, love, love this set! What could be better then a taco truck! This set will go perfect for my Food Truck Block Party display! 

ORGANIZATION - My New Lego Room 2021

 1/15/22 - I set up a new Lego room in my house in 2021. It used to be a kitchen for my mom's in-law apartment we had for her in our house. Once she moved, we opened up the apartment so we could have the whole house back to just ourselves. But we never completely took her kitchen out. So I figured I would utilize it for my Lego space! 

LEGO BUILD - 30364 Popcorn Cart

 LEGO BUILD - 30364 Popcorn Cart

Pieces 43

Date Built: 01/14/22

This set is awesome! It will go well with my food truck block party!

MOC BUILD - Preview 1 - Food Truck Block Party

 1/6/22 - I decided I would take a bunch of Friends sets and alter them to make larger buildings for my Food Truck Block Party display. I love the Friends buildings because they are so colorful! 

Here is a friends set that is a fashion store. I took two and converted into a two story building. I have changed it to a costume shop. 

LEGO BUILD - 31104 Creator 3 In 1 Monster Burger Truck

LEGO BUILD - 31104 Creator 3 In 1 Monster Burger Truck

Pieces: 499
Date Built: January 8, 2022

I just love this monster truck! Such a fun build! 

Non Lego Build - Sushi Cart

Non Lego Build - Sushi Cart By Brick Loot

Pieces 165

Date Built - 1/6/22

This cute little set I found online with a company called Brick Loot. They have a montlhy box you can receive with new building blocks in it every month. Some genuine Lego and some not. This cart I bought from there website. 

Super cute and will go with my food trucks!

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