Thursday, January 23, 2020

REVIEW - Lego 4 Piece Organizer Tote & Playmat

Lego 4 Piece Organizer Tote & Playmat ~  FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!

Lego organizing tote opens up into a mat for easy play and comes with 3 separate bags that nest into the tote to store Legos in.

I received this bag as a Christmas gift in 2018 and I absolutely love it! I take my Legos with me everywhere and this bag makes it easy! I build larger sets so I store all the bags of pieces in the smaller bags. If I pull out one small bag my sorting trays can also fit in the bag. Although I don't use the mat I think it is a great addition! My kids are getting these bags for Valentine's Day this year and I know when we go on vacation, this will make clean up easy! You can pretty much take your Legos everywhere with this bag! The smaller bags that fit inside are great because you can use 1, 2 or 3. It's up to you. The smaller bags also have a clear top so you can see what is in it! If you need space for something else you can just take out one of the smaller bags.

The bag is durable, easy to keep clean and makes for easy clean up and travel! I give this bag a five out of five stars!

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