Sunday, January 26, 2020

MINIFIGURES - Me, Myself & My Minifigure

One of the funnest things you can do is make yourself a minifigure. With so many faces, hair styles, torsos, legs and accessories that Lego has to offer, it really isn't that difficult! If you have a lot of minifigures in general, it should be easy enough to create yourself simply by digging around what you have on hand.

But if not, Ebay or Bricklink are both great resource for buying the parts you need! Bricklink is a website that has is similar to Ebay but it's all Lego and their is no auctions. Just items listed with the selling price from different sellers. 

Visit their website at:

I minifiged my whole family! Here are a few pictures. 

Myself, daughter Morgan and son Marcus

A closer look at my minifigure.

My daughter Morgan, My husband Brad, Myself (Before my new hair and face arrived from Ebay) and my son Marcus.

My kids had such a fun time picking out the parts to make themselves. It can definitely be a family fun experience!

Here we are in real life:

Morgan & I

Marcus and Brad

Bottom line is, I would highly recommend Lego fans to give this a try. We hope to bring our minifigures with us on vacation and take selfies with them. Should be fun. So stay tuned! 

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