Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Long Few Months

Hello!! I am sorry I have been MIA for the last several months! Covid 19 has been an adjustment for all and being a small business owner hadn't made things any easier. My focus over the last few months have been keeping the business going, keeping my family safe, making sure my kids education was not too terribly effected with the challenges of remote learning and of course trying to keep my own sanity through all this!

Like many, I think we have all gotten into a groove with Covid 19 restrictions. Yes, there are still challenges, but I think things are looking up. I finally got back to building Legos after a long 8 month hiatus from building at all! Let's just say, I have a lot of sets stacking up just waiting for their turn to come out of the box and play! 

Thankfully, my passion for building Legos has really blossomed once again. I began to work on all my Elves sets and have completed them all! Now I am working on creating a cool village to display them all at my work with some great input from my kids! The work to get that done in the next month has begun!

I am also playing with Time Lapsed videos of my builds. I want to do a time lapse video when I put my Hogwarts Castle together! So I am doing some shorter videos of my creating this Elves village to see how it goes. So I have some fun stuff in the works right now! 

I will be sharing many more posts as I get caught up posting my many past builds and my more recent Elves builds. I was just getting started with this darn blog when the Covid hit the fan! Let's hope for better days to come and lots of fun with Legos! 


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