Tuesday, February 21, 2023

My New Lego Room

 9/29/22 - My new Lego room was finally finished and all set up by fall of last year. Here is the end result. This is by far my favorite room in the house! I love how it turned out and how functional it is. I have been building a lot more Lego because of it. I have plenty of space and lots of places to store boxed sets and completed sets. My son even has his only corner that he can enjoy! Yes, I did hog up most fo the space. LOL! 

Here is my prior Lego room that was used in 2021. As you can see, the old space was much smaller. 

Here is my space before I moved into my smaller Lego room. It just had storage more then anything else. At that time I didn't have a dedicted work space. It was in what we called our entrance/mud room. 

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